Health & Wellness; On the Job Training

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November 13, 2012 by Rick B

Anyone who works in an office environment is familiar with how tedious it can be to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day.  Couple that with countless phone calls to often times stressed-out debtors, and you can end up with a physically and emotionally taxing work place.

Here at United Credit Service, we know our team members are the life-blood of our organization.  In an attempt to create a positive and more enjoyable work environment, we have instituted a health and wellness program that has been embraced by virtually everyone.

Let’s be honest, we all spend a great deal of time at work—probably more than we’d like— so it is important to try and enjoy our hours at the office.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that happy and engaged people are more productive than stressed individuals who feel unappreciated.

Since the launch of our health and wellness program, productivity is up and people are paying more attention to their personal well-being than ever before.  Something as simple as a 10 minute break for a group stretch creates a brief, yet welcome, distraction from the stressors of the day.  This 10 minute stretch usually turns into a series of wise-cracks that puts a smile on our faces, and elicits more than a few chuckles. It’s amazing how this small act rejuvenates our focus and stamina.  But, you know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

In addition to stretching exercises, we have a health and wellness bulletin board.  Each month, there is a different health/wellness  based theme that serves as an opportunity for everyone to learn more about healthy and happy living.  This past month, we focused on the devastating effects stress can have on our health and welfare.  A local Chiropractor, Dr. Donna Brown, was gracious enough to come in and present a Lunch and Learn on the perils stress can have on our well-being.  I, for one, can say Dr. Brown’s presentation opened my eyes to new ways of approaching my health and lifestyle.

Initial feedback after her presentation has been overwhelmingly positive and several members of our team have decided to visit Dr. Brown for a consultation. It feels good to work in an environment where people care about each other and have like-minded goals.  In any work setting  you will find differing personalities. This wellness program has formed a common bond amongst everyone and has helped perpetrate a positive atmosphere.


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