Guest Blogger: Ranjan Dharmaraja

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March 19, 2013 by Rick B

We are going to mix things up a little for you this week and introduce a new voice to the blog.  Ranjan Dharmaraja, CEO of Quantrax Corporation, was kind enough to lend us his time and share some of his vast knowledge.

Quantrax Corporation is a technology company with state-of-the-art software and an integrated dialer for collection agencies or companies that manage their own receivables.

Quantrax has been a great partner for UCS, so without further ado, I share with you my conversation with Ranjan:



Ricky: The first generation of your product, RMEx, was designed and built in 1990.  There have been many changes in both technology, and the ARM industry since 1990, what are some of the biggest changes you have seen?

Ranjan: In terms of technology, computers have become many times more powerful than 20 years ago. They also cost much less. We have welcomed these changes by taking advantage of that processing power to do some very clever things that were simply not feasible many years ago. As an example, we can look at millions of accounts every day and make complex decisions or do complex analysis on thousands of accounts in real-time.

With regard to the industry, it is interesting that some of the most important challenges we face today were not considered a problem 5 years ago. I am referring to litigation, security and compliance. Several years ago, collection success was measured by recovery rate. Today, agencies are being evaluated on their ability to meet complex compliance requirements.

Ricky: Compliance is always a hot topic for the ARM industry.  You’ve been vocal about how technology can enhance compliance. Can you give me a few examples?

Ranjan: Our central argument has been that the industry should set its standards and make use of its reach, to educate legislators, attorneys and the public.  These standards must look at existing rules and interpret them responsibly and logically, based on consumer and client requirements. After all, the industry provides an important and necessary service to the businesses it serves. The standards must relate to information accuracy, validation notices, mail, phone contact efforts and credit reporting. With time, this could remove a great deal of doubt and misconceptions that lead to the lawsuits and problems that are today challenging this industry. We need to stop being defensive and reactive. A proactive, positive approach could change that.

Ricky: What, in your opinion, are some of the biggest challenges facing 3rd party collection agencies in today’s world?

Ranjan: This is not the collection industry of 20 or even 5 years ago, it is no longer about being able to collect. Fees are lower and profitability is not guaranteed. Success requires new skills that were not important in the past. Today, collections are a numbers game, and you need technology to win. Analytics is going to be the secret weapon for many companies trying to understand big data. Collection agencies are not in the collections business – they are now in information processing! They need to think like IT companies or have partners who can help them negotiate the new rules and challenges ahead.

Ricky: Finally, tell us something about Quantrax. Anything exciting happening right now or in the near future?

Ranjan:  We are nervously optimistic about the future. We are predicting major changes and consolidations in the industry, with the smart companies getting stronger and the weaker ones, possibly disappearing. We intend to be there for those smart companies, having invested in advanced solutions for many years. We have set our immediate goals as meeting every compliance challenge, systemically. This will allow small and large companies to compete without investing zillions of dollars on new IT infrastructure, custom programming or consulting! With everyone conversation seeming to be about the CFPB, it is our view that it is now time to walk the walk. An exciting time for us, no doubt!

A special thanks to Ranjan for providing us with his valuable insights!

For more information on Quantrax, check them out at


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