Questions on Personal Finance? Ask Dr. Debt


June 20, 2013 by Rick B

Regardless of your current financial situation, you should always be cognizant of your credit score and outstanding debts.  We’ve all seen the commercials for various websites offering credit reports or lawyers touting their “get out of debt now” plans. While each situation should be looked at on its own, there are plenty of good FREE services online that provide a plethora of good content on all things credit related. 

One site I like is, no personal information is collected, and the advice is sound and unbiased. 

Ask Dr. Debt has some great personal finance tools that can help you take (or keep) control of your finances. They have amortization calculators to help you figure out your monthly mortgage or car loan.  Another great tool is their credit card calculator.  You simply type in the total amount of credit card debt you have and your APR %, then you input how much you can afford to pay each month. It will then tell you how many months it will take before your debt is completely paid off.  If your goal is to become free from credit card debt in, let’s say, one year, you can type that in and Dr Debt will tell you how much you need to pay monthly to get out of debt in 12 months (or whatever time frame you choose). 

Dr Debt has some great resources for young people who are getting to that age of financial independence.  I urge parents to review some of this information and share it with your kids.  In a day and age when personal debt has been known to run rampant, teaching financial responsibility at a young age can be a life-long gift, and best of all it’s free. 

Ask Doctor Debt also has resources on student loans, identity theft, how to handle collections calls, and much more. When you go to, you are getting free and unbiased advice.  Check it out, knowledge is power.

You can also connect to doctor debt from our site at


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    Ill probably use this – thanks!

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