New $10 Bill: Which Notable Woman’s Face Will it Feature?

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July 23, 2015 by Lisa Brammer

The ten dollar bill is not only going to get a face-lift, it’s going to get a new face—and it is going to be a woman’s.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about having a woman’s face on U.S. paper currency. Not long ago, a non-profit, grassroots organization, Women on the 20s, began a campaign to have a woman’s face on the twenty-dollar bill by 2020—the hundred anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote.

Women on the 20s used an online election format consisting of two rounds of voting and asked the American public to choose a candidate from a collection of 15 inspiring American women in history. In total, more than 600,000 votes were cast and at the end Harriet Tubman was announced as the winner. Other women on the final ballot included: Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Wilma Mankiller.

After the group petitioned the White House, a bill was introduced to get a female face onto American currency.

It is now official. In 2020, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, the Treasury Department announced a woman would be featured on U.S paper currency. But the woman’s image will be introduced on the $10 bill, not the $20.

A redesign for $10 bill was in the works before the campaign to feature a woman came into play which is probably why it was chosen. The decision for an update was made back in 2103.

Along with a notable woman’s image, the new bill will have enhanced security features utilizing new technology. It will also boast a tactile feature to make it user-friendly for visually impaired individuals.

The Treasury Department decided to launch its own campaign asking for public opinion through social media (#TheNew10) and town hall meetings on how the bill should look and who should be on it. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said nominees for the new $10 are required to be women who have championed American democracy and who are now deceased.

It will be nice to have a woman’s face back on U.S. paper currency. The last woman featured was Martha Washington, who appeared on the $1 silver certificate over 100 years ago.

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