The Sonic Boomers: Facing Tough Choices When Enough is Enough

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July 15, 2020 by Lisa Brammer

United Credit Service, Inc.

Have you heard a ‘sonic boom’?  I have, many times when I was a kid.  I remember the windows of our house rattling, dogs barking and that deep ‘BOOM’ sounding like a bomb dropped right next door.

This memory should immediately identify me as part of the tail end of that great generation known as the ‘boomers.’  With that has come the realization that there are many significant decisions coming at me at supersonic speed. At least that is the way it feels.  Actually I guess you would call me a ‘tweener’—that is, too young yet to collect Social Security, yet close enough to need to be prepared to make intelligent decisions on a number of important lifestyle and financial choices when the time does come.

Before I go any further:   I am not a financial advisor (heck, I don’t even play one on TV!), am making no recommendations and…

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