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September 23, 2020 by Jim C.

I just read an article “on-line” that excited me!  I’ve thought about this for many years, what with cellular phones becoming smaller and smaller while gaining in power and the ability to control aspects of our lives that wouldn’t have even been considered 5,10 or 20 years past. 

Elon Musk just announced he has successfully created a (micro) “chip” to enable a “brain-computer interface”, and he has had success in having a monkey control a computer with its brain.  Yes, you read this right! 

For many years, I’ve thought as cellphones have gotten smaller, easier to use with voice commands, etc.  why not just take that “chip” inside the phone and implant it behind the ear?  The only reason a cellphone has to be “hand hold-able” is because you can’t take the chip and have a viewable display for the obvious reasons.  But, if you could use voice commands, such as: “Hey Siri” to access an APP, or, “Call Angela”, to communicate with a friend, you wouldn’t need any hand held device, just the ability to use a voice command or possibly a “thought” (brain) command.  I’m no engineer so this would be way, way outside my realm of producing and programming such a “chip” with APPs that could or would replace the current hand held cellphone.

Elon and I can’t be the only two persons thinking down this path…I have to believe that “we” can do this with today’s technology, and this technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that before you know it, deciding on the “size” of your cellular device won’t be a second thought, because it has to fit in your pocket or bag or whatever.  You won’t have to worry that you will forget it on the table in a restaurant, or leave it on the shelf in your closet and 15 minutes later forget where you left it.  How many times have you had to “ping” your phone to locate it?  If it was stored, say, behind your ear under your skin it would never get lost…Also, you’d not have to worry if you fell or jumped into a pool or lake and had your cellphone “on you” that it would be ruined from the moisture.  Heck, even if you didn’t submerse the cellphone, moisture getting into your cellphone can still be a problem for you to deal with.  Implantation under your skin would keep it safe in any situation such as these.  I can’t think of a more “moisture proof” container than your epidermis.

This “neurotechnology” is being advanced by Musk and colleagues at his company called Neuralink.  I’ve never heard of this company, and I suspect this is because of the nature of implanting “brain micro-chips” in people’s brains is not yet considered a “mainstream” idea.  What’s next, will Big Brother start sending you subconscious thoughts?  This most definitely is on the line of “robotic behavior”, in my opinion.  Consider this:  What would you need schooling for if you could simply implant a “chip” that controls your brain?  Could you make the dumbest person in the world “smart” with such a “chip”?  Could you change human behaviors?  For people who “think” they receive subconscious thoughts now, could you actually send subconscious thoughts to counteract what they “think” they are receiving, which could conceivably “fix” their problem?   Could you teach a monkey to be more than just a chimp with a “chip”?  WOW, talk about receiving subconscious thoughts…

My (conscious) thought is, YES it is very possible that anything goes in the realm of tomorrow’s Orwellian world.  What would this mean for collectors and the collection industry?  Could all of our “communications” be “electronic” in nature, and could it be so simple that a “monkey” could send it?  What a concept!  A chimp with a “chip” that could collect the “chips”!  Unfortunately, I won’t be here to see this idea become a reality as I’ve already been around long enough to see what a “computer” can do to change the collection industry.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has only begun to effect the collection industry, and there are some forward thinkers out there who are looking for ways to make us better and more effective at our jobs as debt collectors using AI (Artificial Intelligence for you non-thinkers).

You can’t become the next “billionaire” by thinking “inside the box”.  The “Elon’s” of our world are thinking and dreaming of other worlds.  Their “outside the box” thoughts and ideas, as crazy as they may seem today, will become a reality in a future world.  Maybe that future world will have colonies (of earthlings) living on another planet or galaxy…WOW again, more subconscious thoughts!  I can’t fathom such ideas based on my reality of watching “Leave it to Beaver”.

So, what IF earthlings lived abroad?  Abroad the vast solar system that is!  Would collectors need to do the same?  What would the “collection agency of 3019” be like?  My guess is it would be nothing like the collection agency of 2019.  How would we collect?  WHAT would we collect?  We’re talking “crypto” currency now, but that hasn’t become mainstream by any means.  My thought is that our “green backs” will not exist and we won’t need wallets to carry ID.  Heck, we may not need ID if we live on MARS!  (There are no BARS on MARS!) Crypto currency may even become a flash in the past before 3019 arrives.  Since the beginning of time, we’ve gone from coins to paper and soon to “cryptos”?  How do you hold “cryptos” in your hand?  Will they fit in my pocket, or wallet…with my “crypto credit cards”? I’m not sure I like where this is going…Until then, I’ll just sit back and dream…dream of the good ole days when debtors with “green backs” actually walked into my office and used those “green backs” to pay a debt.  I’ll dream of placing a telephone call…where I had to “dial” the (rotary) phone number and wait…and I’d speak to a live voice, leave a message with a live person who had to search for a pencil and paper to write down my name and number.  And guess what, every one of them called me back!  WOW again, more subconscious thoughts! 

Today, we still collect in basically the same fashion as we did forever (at least my forever).  Some days I wish for the past and future to become the present.  Doesn’t this sound crazy?  What does the future hold and what has the past already provided us?  I can’t answer this in the here and now, but I can say that the present is just a Nano-second from the future. And, the only certainty in the future is Change, and I’m not talking about those metal coins that used to jangle in your pant pocket.  The past always “feels” better with age, kind of like a fine wine.  We need to remember the past so as to make wise choices in the future, so think about it.  Our present will be optimized when we combine past experience with future expectation.  Now, does that make sense?  (More subconscious thoughts!)

Every human (and I’m only speaking from my personal experience here, so don’t quote me) wants a better future with a fond and memorable past.  We can use this tidbit of information in our collection industry today (the present).  We simply need to treat others as we wish to be treated in return.  This is one concept that has remained the same since the beginning of time. This is what my philosophy is and the one I’ve passed on to my coworkers.

Elon Musk lives in a “fish bowl” with all types of naysayers looking at his every move.  Heck, the guy has built a new car industry (Tesla) and is shooting for the stars (SpaceX).  I wouldn’t expect any less than teaching a monkey to think or even collect debts!  Sounds crazy to me, but it just might work in 3019.

Jim Cox is vice-president and co-owner of United Credit Service.

United Credit Service, Inc. is a full service, licensed revenue cycle management and debt collection agency that has been providing effective, customized one on one management and recovery solutions for our business partners in the Midwest since 1950. Visit our website at http://www.unitedcreditservice.com, call 877-723-2902, or check out our YouTube video.

Image provided by: Wikimedia Commons

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