It’s Identity Theft Awareness Week. Arm Yourself Against This Pervasive Threat

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February 3, 2021 by Lisa Brammer

The Federal Trade Commission launched Identity Theft Awareness Week on Monday, February 1st, and are participating in a series of events to highlight steps we can take to:

  • help us reduce our risk of becoming a victim of identity theft
  • spot red-flag warning signs of possible identity theft
  • find out ways to recover if it does happen.

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information, like Social Security number or credit card information and uses it commit fraud.

Events the FTC will be participating in included a webinar conducted on Monday, February 1st, with the Identity Theft Resource Center that discussed identity theft during the pandemic. Thankfully, it’s available at  if you missed it.

Other events include:

Wednesday, February 3rd: The Identity Theft Resource Center is partnering with LinkedIn for a LinkedIn Story “takeover”.  Visit ITRC’s LinkedIn page to learn more.

Thursday, February 4th at 2pm ET There will be a Facebook Live event: The FTC and AARP will discuss identity theft. Join the Conversation on the AARP Fraud Watch Network Facebook Page

Friday, February 5th beginning at 8am ET: Podcast: The FTC and ITRC talk about current trends, impact of COVID related ID theft, and tips to help us keep our personal information safe.

According to a Javelin 2020 Identity Fraud Study, there were 13 million incidents of fraud in 2019, reaching $16.9 billion (USD). Those sure are sobering statistics, aren’t they?

 Let’s all do our part by spreading the word on this worthwhile event.

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