Trust in the Workplace: The Key to Business Success

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March 17, 2021 by Lisa Brammer

United Credit Service, Inc.

“In God we trust, all others pay cash.”

No doubt you have heard this phrase before. I certainly have seen it in advertising, in
retail shops; well, really all over during my lifetime. Apparently, its
origination is unknown, but it was a common phrase bandied about in the last
century and its use brought it to nearly the status of a proverbial
pronouncement. I say nearly proverbial because try as I might I cannot find it
in Proverbs, a place where it might fit in just fine.

It is even the title of a book by the author Jean Sheppard.
You may remember Jean Sheppard as the creator of “A Christmas Story” the
perennial holiday movie featuring Ralphie, his little brother Randy, his quirky
family and friends, and multiple warnings to Ralphie not to put out his eye
with the infamous Red Rider BB gun.

Sheppard’s story is very funny…

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